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March 21, 2017 - March 24, 2017

Reception: Wednesday, March 22nd, 5–8pm

222 Cabot Gallery
222 Cabot Street
Beverly, MA 01915

Gallery Hours
Tuesday–Friday, 3–8pm

Sometimes we forget to notice the small things, the moments that slip by in an instant. A moment may be the smallest unit of experience, but over a lifetime, they add up to make a whole. Bringing together the most recent works of Meghan Kausel, Andrew Kish, and Aubrey Mueller, AKA serves as a compilation of alternative explorations of moments in time.

AKA or ‘Also Known As’, serves its own function well, as an alias for all three artists in the show. It also recalls themes like that of an alter ego, and in certain cases unlawful activities. Metaphorically, it suggests how our pieces may function, we all steal moments in time and extrapolate something new.
Meghan Kausel can be seen transferring and solidifying ephemeral motion to permanent form in her prints. Andrew Kish addresses graffiti and graffiti culture in the third dimension, utilizing a more traditional, yet raw materialistic approach. A ‘moment in crime’ if you will, now turned permanent art object. Aubrey Mueller gives form to inadvertent action and happenstance, her work embodies elements of time and space and reframes them to form a new narrative. Elements of action and gesture are a shared language amongst these artists, and within AKA evoke alternative moments in time.