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Montserrat College of Art Galleries and Visiting Artist Program presents innovative exhibitions of contemporary art that feature regional, national and international artists ranging from emerging to established. The core mission is to cultivate learning, celebrate artistic excellence, and to inspire lifelong involvement in art and design.

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Lynne Cooney, PhD
Director of Exhibitions & Galleries
Montserrat College of Art Galleries

Phone: 978 921-4242 x1205

Gallery Hours:

Montserrat & Schlosberg Galleries
23 Essex Street
M-F 10-5, Sat 12-5

Founders Gallery
248 Cabot Street
M-F  9-5

301 Frame Gallery
301 Cabot Street
24 hrs.

Bare Gallery
1A Knowlton Street
By appointment or access card

Well Chandler art exhibit in the Montserrat Gallery

Montserrat Gallery

Montserrat’s main gallery, located in the Hardie building at 23 Essex Street.

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Carol Schlosberg Gallery

Dedicated to alumna Carol Schlosberg and prioritizing shows by college alumni, located in the Hardie building at 23 Essex Street.

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interior of the Schlosberg Gallery
person viewing large screen in gallery

storefront window with art inside


Streetside display at 301 Cabot Street highlights a variety of work by visiting artists.

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Dedicated to Montserrat’s founding leaders and faculty, located at 248 Cabot Street.

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two people looking at a painting in a gallery

Bare Gallery

A fully student-run and student-curated gallery located at 1A Knowlton Street.

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Library Gallery

A gallery located in the Paul M. Scott Library at 23 Essex Street.

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Past Exhibitions

See Montserrat’s past exhibitions across all of our galleries.

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