Book Arts

Book Arts covers all aspects of book creation, including writing, image creation, editing, design, typesetting, preparation of images for reproduction, printing and binding. From letterpress printing to traditional bookbinding, students learn how to make a book from start to finish. Create customized programs from electives in virtually every department at the college. And choose from seminar and capstone options that best serve your own orientation within Book Arts—an offering that is unique to Montserrat.

“One thing that attracted me to Montserrat was the size of the college. I liked that it was a small school and would be more personal.”

Taylor Kurmis ’15

Our letterpress studio is perhaps the heart of Book Arts activities at Montserrat, being home to our lead type, proof presses and bookbinding equipment. An introduction to the studio, together with a list of equipment there, can be found via Imposition Press.

Other facilities and equipment utilized as students learn how to make a book are found in our computer labs, the Printmaking Department (see that page for a full accounting), the Photography + Video Department (digital and traditional), and potentially even the Sculpture area. Naturally, our library is another important resource for book art activity at Montserrat.

Imposition Press is the creative letterpress printing initiative of Montserrat College of Art. It supplements and supports studio courses and activity in the book arts at the College; contributes to the Montserrat experience as a center for fine and adventurous printing; enables student and other artists, designers and writers to pursue work in this area; and provides a means for collaborations with artists and Montserrat faculty.

A photo of Joe Saunders


Joseph Saunders

Joseph Saunders is an experienced Studio Technician who supports multiple concentrations at Montserrat including Photography Video Film, Printmaking, Painting, and Book Arts. He runs the equipment checkout for P/V/F and… Learn More