MASh: Media & Animation Showcase

MASh 2024 will take place on Friday, May 10, 7pm at The Cabot in Beverly.

Admission is free and open to the public,



Order of Films:

– How to Be an Art Student, Angelina DeDominicis

– 3D Zoetrope, Alexander Griffin Cornwell

– Drop the Ball, Ruby Cenci, Catherine Cardenas, Owen Serre, Dylan Silva

– Nymphaea, Jenna Heil

– Lego Drive, James Kalajian

– Through a Screen, Persephone Huffman

– 2D Character Animation Reel, Lily Courtemanche

– Aboretum, Maya Horta

– The “Con” in Confidence, Ruby Cenci

– Surprise Guest, Erin Cox

– Divination Disruption, Lily Courtemanche

– Gaton, Dylan Silva

– The Sledding Cat!, Mari Perez (Nemesis.Kyo)

– candy, Nic Barry

– Bogo and Trucy, Alexander Griffin Cornwell

– Island Hopping, Beck Gibson

– Photoshop Fight, James Kalajian

– JEANS, Camryn Reynolds

– Dreaming with Cats, Lyss Lentini

– Bugs, Nicole Dunajski (Sketchy Pixel)

– The Ghost Wood, Studio Dynamite


– Timeloop, Gabi Casella

– Drop the Ball, Tahjeanté Webb, Cassandra Melton-Houghton, James Marquez,

Adrianna Palleschi, Nina Vasquez-Nichols

– Abstain, Adrian Persaud

– Let’s Go Out, Brandon Acosta

– Aether Hearts Red Comet, Tahjeanté Webb

– Mutate, James Kalajian

– Furiendly Fire, Tahjeanté Webb, Ruby Cenci, Nic Feorgello, Owen Serre,

Dylan Silva, Kayleigh Welch, Sariel Yim.

– Cigarette Daydream, Erin Cox

– this is where it starts., MaxFosterStudio

– One Take, Ziggy Smith

– memorius, Brian Teixiera

– Stellar – Dash, Giancarlo Mata

– Sibling Banter, Zephyr McDonald

– A Mother’s Promise, Catherine Cardenas (CC)

– is there something wrong with me?, Lyss Lentini

– Why Me? Why Not., James Marquez

– Me My Horse And A Friend, Kal Klaza

– Agent Cicey, Justin Christian

– Honeyblooded, Cassandra Elizabeth

– The Cartoonist, Cicey LaBella