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301 Gallery

March 27, 2017 - March 31, 2017

Gallery Hours
M-F, 11:30am–2:30pm
Sat., 12–5pm

Reception: Wednesday, March 29th, 5–8pm

SCHEMA is an exhibition of Senior Graphic Design work at Montserrat College of Art. SCHEMA is the culmination of nine graphic designers’ thesis work. All nine designers will be graduating this spring from Montserrat College of Art. The artists and their work include:

Alex Bonin – Augmented Storytelling is a thesis exploring how augmented reality can be used in conjunction with printed media to create an enhanced experience.

Taylor Bowen – An exploration of letterpress printing that uses simple manipulations such as masking, rotation, and layering to develop abstract compositions that obscure the original letters and bring more focus to the new forms created.

Adela Bukva – A redesign process of the first aid kit as represented through a visual analysis of 1984’s “Newspeak” language.

LiYun Chen – Combining western culture and Asian culture to design creative tea packaging.

Lauren Cox – Intertwined explores the use of typewriters as a creative medium instead of as a tool for formal communication.

Katie Dygon – Patterns for fabrics and accessories made by coding in Processing.

Britney Payton – Eat.in has emerged out of the idea that everyone has a story to tell when it’s time to cook a meal.

Chase Terranova – STRATA explores what gets passed down in families; the stories and memories of a family that make up its history, and the concept of self as a result of those things.

Elise Walsh – By studying, exploring, and extracting organic colors from our environment I’ve developed a process to learn and share with others. On display will be a full range of dyed colors on natural fabrics, as well as a visual process of how natural dyeing works.