Grant Thompson Archer

Interdisciplinary Arts

Montserrat’s Interdisciplinary Arts concentration allows students to create their own course of art study, incorporating media from various departments throughout the college.

Students in this program are expected to develop a coherent aesthetic sensibility that addresses their chosen form of expression. As they progress through the program, students develop more intensive and independent inquiry.

“Things are going well and my time at Montserrat College of Art had a lot to do with that.”

Kalimah Muhammad ’11

Students who declare the Interdisciplinary Arts concentration select from a variety of studio courses that ultimately contribute to a thematic body of work. Please refer to course descriptions under each concentration for more information on studio course offerings.


Ethan Berry

“The basic thing that I think I teach is how to go from NOT HAVING an idea to HAVING an idea.” Ethan teaches in the Printmaking department at Montserrat, as… Learn More