Greg Orfanos

Adjunct Assistant Professor, PT

Photo credit: Bridget Mahan

“The sharing of both academic and professional experiences not only allows for a better understanding of visual communication, but also assists students in finding their own identities as art professionals.”

Greg is a proud graduate of Montserrat College of Art with a B.F.A. in Illustration. His work has been shown in galleries throughout Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York. He has also been commissioned for many paintings by both businesses and private individuals. As an illustrator, he has worked in the fields of editorial and advertising.

Making pictures that tell stories has always been a running theme in Greg’s work. Though a narrative is always prominent in his paintings, it is often portrayed in a surreal and allegorical way. His work is often embedded with a fascination of the bizarre, a bit of sarcasm and a tongue-in-cheek sensibility.

Greg is very open with students about his academic and professional experiences. He believes that the exchange of creative ideas in the classroom creates a symbiosis in which the teaching and the making of art exist in harmony.

To learn more about Greg and his work visit https://gregorfanos.weebly.com/.