Alicia Gray

Assistant Professor

“Engagement and participation in high-quality arts education is a fundamental right for all students. The art room can provide a space for students to reflect and explore areas of interest, learn about their own identities, give back to their communities and develop a sense of pride and empowerment.”Alicia Gray has been an art educator for the past twelve years and joined the Montserrat faculty, as an adjunct Art Education Professor, in2022. Alicia has taught in a wide variety of classroom settings, including high school, middle school, and community arts programs. The majority of her teaching career has been spent teaching art on the North Shore of Massachusetts. Having been a teacher in a trauma-sensitive school and a Research Fellow for theLesley Institute for Trauma Sensitivity, Alicia uses curriculum and practice to develop trauma-sensitive art education programs in public schools. Alicia is a Ph.D. Candidate atLesley University, where she studies the intersections of art education curriculum, artistic process, student-driven practices, and trauma sensitivity. Much of her work utilizes arts-based research to centralize art-making within the research process. As an artist, Alicia engages in mixed media methods, bookmaking and collage.