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Montserrat Gallery

December 1, 2020

All graduating seniors were invited to submit an image or video of one piece, in any size, and in any medium, to the annual All Senior Show.

This year, two jurors awarded a total of $800 in prize money. 


Jared Adams, Ed, Oil on canvas

Emma Ingalls, First Date, Animated Video



Denali Musgrave, Back Away (A Portrait of Me and My Father), Monotype


Alyssa Schadhauser, THEY WEREN’T THE FIRST & THEY SURE AREN’T THE LAST, Mixed media (traditional and digital manipulation)


All Artists:
Kate Mothes / Yngspc.com
Kate Mothes is the founder of Young Space, an independent online and nomadic curatorial platform emphasizing contemporary art by emerging, early-career, and student artists. Mothes is interested in alternative modes of art exhibition, education, and experience, with an emphasis on artist-run initiatives. She has produced a number of pop-up exhibitions and has collaborated with artists, curators, and organizers nationally and internationally. She earned her Bachelors in Art History from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Masters in the History of Art, Theory and Display from Edinburgh College of Art at the University of Edinburgh. She is currently based in the Midwest.

Zipeng Zhu / Zz-is.it
Zipeng Zhu is a Chinese born designer, illustrator, animator, and art director. After graduating from The School of Visual Arts, he worked at Pentagram and Sagmeister & Walsh before starting his New York-based studio, Dazzle. Some of his clients include Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Netflix, The New Yorker, Refinery29, and Chobani. Zipeng is an accomplished creative who gained recognition as Print Magazine’s visual artist and The One Show Young One’s winner, in addition to exhibiting his work globally.

Deanna Amoia, Rush Hour


Arielle Carlow, Crystallize


Dorian Eason, The Road Diverged


Tatianna Feliciano, come


Emma Gallant, Pepp in “Silly Summonings”


Alexander Gunther, The Adventures of Zack and Ben


Emma Ingalls, First Date



Annie Lee-Daly, Vincent, Don’t Stay Out Too Late


Jessica Manning, SHIFT


Cliff Pierre, Hallowteens, The Thieving Thicket



Rose Sauriol, The Physicality of Animation

Participating seniors:

Jared Adams, Deanna Amoia, Zoie Bleau, Jylik Buissereth, Sylvia Burger, Arielle Carlow, Lys DelCampo, Warren Dickson, Melissa Dicostanzo, Briel DiDonato, Claire DiIonno, Susan Drennan, Sophia Dunzelman, Dorian Eason, Jack Fay, Tatianna Feliciano, Jaime Fox, Emma Gallant, Gabrielle Gomez, Alexander Gunther, Seth Hart, Allison H. Heckman, Shannon Herrick, Nicole Hosking, Emma Ingalls, Rebecca Jones, Annie Lee-Daly, Aaron Lonergan, Jessica Manning, Genevieve Marques, Dillian McGahey, Cailee Mitchel, Cayla Montes, David Mshar, Denali Musgrave, Kai Robinson, Matthew Rucki, Cliff Pierre, Rose Sauriol, Alyssa Schadhauser, Gabriela Sorrentino, Mareson Yates, and Zeynep Yurtsever.