Staff Update: Kirk Amaral Snow is New Resident Artist at sübsamsøn

October 9, 2013

sübsamsøn is pleased to announce it’s 7th resident artist, Montserrat College of Art’s Director of Career Services Kirk Amaral Snow, Sept. 2013 – Feb. 2014.

Snow’s performances and multimedia installations create inversions that recontextualize commonplace objects and visual symbols, reframing relationships to subliminal materials we interact with daily. Inversion, the reversal of normal order, is a test of both perception and expectation. Snow’s interest lies in its effect as a gesture, as an act that reveals subtext. Combined with ready-made forms and objects, inversion becomes a strategy for commentary. It reflects back to a form’s origin, while simultaneously asking for objects to be considered in their present state. Confidence becomes shame, the benign becomes threatening and promise becomes failure.

Promise and failure, urban and suburban, temporary and permanent, emptiness and content: all concepts that drive, divide and define contemporary cultural landscape. Snow mines these material remnants building objects that perform dichotomies. Elements are appropriated, copied and reconfigured, enacting gestures that reflect the complexities of our ongoing social situation.

Snow is an inter-media artist based in Boston. Snow holds a BA in Art History (2002) and Studio Art (2003) from the University of Rhode Island and an MFA from Tufts University / School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (2011). He has exhibited and performed at Proof (Boston) , AS220 (Providence, RI), Mobius (Boston), MEME (Cambridge, MA), Perfolink (Concepción, Chile), Infr’action Sète (Sète, France), Fonderie Darling (Montreal, Canada) and the Grace Exhibition Space (NY).

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