Montserrat Galleries Wins BONS Reader’s Choice for 4th Year!

August 4, 2022

For the fourth consecutive year, Montserrat Galleries won Reader’s Choice for art gallery in Northshore magazine’s “Best of North Shore” issue! Each year, Northshore magazine asks its editors and readers to select the best destinations across Massachusetts’ North Shore. Categories range from dinner and drinks to art and Instagram.

“We are so honored to receive the Best of the North Shore Reader’s Choice Award for Best Art Gallery again this year. A huge thank you to our AMAZING Community for always supporting us and the Arts!” says Jennifer Nguyen, Exhibitions and Programs Manager for Montserrat. Nguyen has been working at Montserrat through all four of its Reader’s Choice wins, helping to install and celebrate the work of countless artists in that time.

Nguyen works with Director of Exhibitions & Galleries, Lynne Cooney, PhD. Cooney has only been with Montserrat for a year, but that year saw a selection of deeply engaging exhibitions brought into the galleries. Foremost among those exhibitions was the work of Holocaust survivor Samuel Bak, who also delivered a touching Commencement speech for Montserrat’s Class of 2022.

Cooney and Nguyen are excited to deliver another year of stimulating and thoughtful exhibitions to the Montserrat community, and to the North Shore community at large. To see what shows are coming up, check the calendar of events at