Fine Arts IV Senior Thesis Exhibition (7): Keep in Mind

April 26, 2013

The seventh Senior Thesis Exhibition this spring is Keep in Mind. The exhibit will be on display April 29 – May 3, with a reception Wednesday, May 1, 5 – 8 pm at 301 Cabot Street Gallery, Beverly.

Keep In Mind features ten artists: Colin McGuire, Miguel Graves, Kermit Class, Ivy Folwer, Morgan Dyer, Rachael Kollar, Jade Brewer, Alyssa Kline, Rebecca Skrabely and Erin Wolf.

Keep In Mind will show a range of work with mediums such as; photography, painting, installation work, drawing and performance. These artists commonly explore their relationship to the environment and nature and individually react to the world around them though a collection of themes, such as: landscape, memory, nostalgia, home, location, action, map, spirituality and animals. All subjects will create an environmental atmosphere that echoes a unique and pleasing conversation.

Each artist strives to keep in mind their surroundings in the physical and emotional world, while still incorporating the beauty and experiences that have been important in their lives.

Through places traveled and places experienced, Alyssa Kline has produced a series of paintings using a limited color palette and stitching to create aerial landscapes and free abstractions that depict the intimacy of her journeys. “The act of sewing in these paths and land/city forms reflects the preciousness of each location and the importance it has to me.”

Colin McGuire’s paintings explore the relationships between man, man-made, and nature while depicting moments of the everyday that become peculiar, yet approachable and familiar… “…moments when the void between my environment and myself feels distant and concerning.”


Erin Wolf has been experimenting with the processes of using a Holga camera, creating work that focuses on the landscape and the feeling one gets from experiencing it.
“… it is more about the feeling you get when seeing these places and the colors that are presented there.”

Ivy Fowler’s work explores the relationships of form, color, shapes in painting through the use animal subjects and simple narrative.




Jade Brewer has been examining the concepts of home and time by traveling to familiar places from many years ago that have since become lonely abandoned structures and photographing these artifacts from her life. “Working mostly on overcast days, I rely on the effects of diffused light to create a sense of atmosphere and enhance the mood of my photographs.”

Kermit Class
takes inspiration from his own religion, Santeria, and its history. He creates drawings of its deities in silhouette that have the feeling of propaganda posters as well as creating his own spiritual environments through representational altars. “I’m drawing what the deities would look like to me through their stories and traits that describe them.”

Using the method of action photography, Miguel Graves has been contemplating the meaning and feeling of nostalgia as a device to freeze time. “…telling a story to depict what is important in my life and in this fragment of a moment.”



Through paint application and her own experiences with nature, Morgan Dyer creates abstracted landscapes that examine her relationship with nature and the technical processes of painting as well as the exploration of beauty and physicality of the earth. “It’s been exciting to encounter intriguing color relationships within painting, coinciding with the strong bond I feel to nature and the physical world.”


Mountains are a reoccurring theme for Rachael Kollar, who paints dreamlike surreal environments that explore and document places she has traveled to. “These current works are a more personal, depth interpretation of what nature is to me.”


Rebecca Skrabely
has spent several months writing, sketching and thinking about six specific houses that hold importance to her, whether it be for a memory, a person, or a feeling she has toward that house. “Through color, compositional choices and structural qualities I will tell the story and my connection to each house.”


Come join each senior student in 301 Gallery to acknowledge and be inspired by what these artists have achieved with their year of hard work. This event is free and open to the public.

301 Gallery Hours: Mon – Fri 11 am – 2 pm. Click here for more info!

The show is the seventh of a series of weekly group exhibits by graduating seniors. View ALL of our spring events here: