Art Connection Update: Turtle Creek Installation

June 24, 2014

Through Montserrat Art Connection, Montserrat College of Art Gallery’s Asst. Curator of Education Savery Kelley and Asst. Curator of Exhibitions Pam Campanaro installed 16 works at On Point in Salem.

“The reactions of the art work were priceless. It was everything the kid’s expected and more! They are taking ownership of these pieces and are being protective of the art. ‘It’s like we have our own art galley at On Point’ one of the kids said. Everyone’s first response when coming into the building is the art work and how much better the program looks with it. We all thank you both for coming in here and doing such a great job. I look forward to our future relationship and everything we are going to be doing in the summer!” – Asst. Coordinator at On Point, Jeff Rousseau

Montserrat College of Art’s Art Connection installed 9 works at the entryway of Turtle Creek Residence in Beverly this week.

Valerie Williams, the site Coordinator of Turtle Creek, seemed very pleased with the final outcome as did several residents who came through the lobby while they were there. The space was recently renovated and there is a ribbon ceremony in a few weeks once the entire building is completed.