Privacy and confidentiality are important elements of the counseling relationship and we take student confidentiality very seriously. For the most part, what a student tells a counselor is private, and will not be revealed to anyone else without the student’s specific consent.  However, there are some circumstances under which, according to Massachusetts State Laws, confidentiality cannot be maintained. 

Such circumstances include the following:

  • If a counselor reasonably believes a student poses imminent physical or psychological danger to themselves or others. If necessary, the counselor may need to have the student transported to a hospital for psychiatric care.
  • The counselor is considered a mandated reporter under the law and must notify appropriate government agencies if they reasonably believe that a child, a disabled person or an elderly person is suffering injury as a result of abuse or neglect.
  • If ordered to release information by a court of law.

Counseling appointments must be set up by a willing student. The counseling office does not allow parents, friends, faculty or staff to schedule appointments for students. Elisabeth is available during school hours to help with questions or concerns, but confidentiality is strictly maintained.

We are available to answer your questions about confidentiality at any time.

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