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301 Gallery

April 2, 2020 - April 8, 2020

Gallery Hours: By appointment

Reception: N/A

Our show is about tying together elements of space and color through two dimensional and three dimensional works, in a way that plays with surfaces and patterns while bringing in our own experiences and personalities as the basis for our content. Each of us utilize overlapping elements throughout our work, for example: the use of sculptural form within Jylik, Jaime, and Matthews three dimensional works, which form connection to the elements of shape, space, and depth within Shannon, Jack, and Matthews two dimensional works. Whether it be through abstraction or figuration, each of us hone in on the fundamental presence of the elements of art (i.e. space, color, abstraction, figuration) and apply various contemporary approaches. Through this we explore the line between the real and the abstract, during a time where this line is fleeting.

Jaime Fox
Jack Fay
Jylik Buissereth
Matthew Rucki
Shannon Herrick
Sylvia Burger