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April 14, 2020 - April 18, 2020

Gallery Hours
T–F, 11:30am–2:30pm
Sat., 12–5pm

Reception N/A

Late Bloomer connects our exploration of physical and emotional placements, through politics, travel, abandoned homes, printmaking, and allegories.

Annie is trying to educate an uninformed audience on Asian-US relations while also assessing her own placement and privilege as an Asian in America. Housed in an ominous black box, the roughly 20 minute film will be a compilation of archival footage from Asian and American newcasts, war footage, propaganda, films and plays, and home movies.

Cayla has been working on a series of photographs that relate to fear and anxiety, as well as exploring the idea of spirituality. What she is portraying is ambiguity, a sense of mystery and/or chaos. Pairing text with her digital and film images she has created narratives in hopes to evoke questions, concerns, or relations to the viewer. These “anxiety inducing” photographs will be paired with self portraiture work, a way to connect the artist to the anonymous answers of the phrases to herself, as well as representing this theme of fear as a personal one. Along with hanging and framing photographs on the wall (around 15 prints), there will also be zines on display and possibly for sale.

Denali has been working on a series of monotypes using orbs to depict herself and the way she experiences and processes emotions. She has recently been exploring the use of non-rectangular paper and placement of the orbs to create the illusions of the orbs pulling the paper in different directions. Embossment has also played a major role in her work to play with the idea of something having been or something that was. Denali plans on hanging her work salon style just above eye level to create the feeling of the orbs looking down on the viewer.

Mareson is working on a photo series focused around abandonment. Through black and white film he captures the traces of lives once lived in an abandoned homestead in Boxford, and his own ghostly marks as he enters and changes the space. The photographs will be up on display in a recreation of the house, and a soundscape of the building will be playing inside as well to give the viewer the feeling of being inside the building.

David has been working on a series of figurative monoprints. The prints are double-edged in regards to his studio practice as well as in his use of the medium. In one regard the prints are about the growth of monoprinting in his work from a side-involvement, to a more fully realized practice in his painting process. Aside from the technical exploration, the monoprints are figurative in nature. The self portraits are heavily influenced by David’s state of mind throughout the semester and last year . The ideas range from experiences in trying to unlearn some of the reservations within his own practice, to personal afflictions regarding relationships with himself and others. The struggle is more evident in the handling than the content of the prints. The prints are to be framed and hung traditionally on the walls.

Zeynep has been working on a series of paintings on glass with photographs. She is using oil paints on 12”x16” glass to create different foregrounds and backgrounds. Then specifically choosing a diverse photograph to go with the painting. She wants to bring attention to the idea of breaking realism. The story of The Allegory of the Cave by Plato, inspired her to show the idea of how something may not seem what it is.