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President’s Gallery

January 15, 2020 - May 15, 2020

Gallery Hours
By appointment

Reception: April 9th, 4-7pm


We Float

I love the water. I love the sound of it the most, the swell and the crash, mimic the feelings inside me.

A body of water is a very mysterious place. To glance out into the horizon is to understand the unknowable.

To imagine what lies beneath its dense surface is to touch eternal darkness.

To gaze at how the sun flickers its light across a delicate pool is to experience warmth for a fleeting moment.

The water and the woods protect each other. The moon illuminates the wood’s dark shadows, all the while highlighting the water’s glass surface in equal measure. The leaves and branches make noise to warn the sea when someone approaches its shore. The water reflects the darkest nights and clearest days, for only the woods to see in return; a give and take.

It is in this sacred space our bond is internally felt.

I’ve been there-in my dreams, in my memory, in my mind, in the now.

This is where I go.

This is where I found her-floating, free, peaceful; Dying, bound, drowning.