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Bless Mazarura

Carol Schlosberg Gallery

January 24, 2020 - March 14, 2020

Gallery Hours
M–F, 10am–5pm
Sat., 12–5pm

Reception: January 30th, 5–7pm

Bless Mazarura of Bless By Bless Couture is one of fashion’s uprising stars who has come a long way from his humble beginnings in his home-country of Zimbabwe. He moved to the USA to chase his creative dreams at the Montserrat College of Art and has since created a philanthropic movement based in fashion, but driven by love. 

His first formal introduction to fashion was as a child, observing his mother sew with love on her vintage Singer sewing machine, while weaving her passion into the very fabric of her son’s life. Bless fell in love, and by age 16 he had designed the first of many creations, a sleeveless zipper vest which was the beginning of a journey into the future.

 By the year 2007 Bless knew fashion was his true calling, and armed with the love he had in his heart, he founded Bless By Bless Couture, a high energy fusion of hourglass silhouettes, zippers, iridescent fabrics and military detail. The ready to wear collection features edgy dresses, high-waisted skirts and sweatshirts inscribed with inspirational messages and positive affirmations.

“My mission is to create a lifestyle of Love and Philanthropy celebrated through fashion with a message. I am more than a designer, I am a messenger of Love.”

In keeping with his unwavering philanthropic mission Bless has been involved with charities ever since he created his glittering love fueled clothing line. He has designed t-shirts, produced fashion shows and fundraisers for Susan G. Komen, American Cancer Association, Jimmy Fund, Christopher’s Haven, and more.

 The future of Bless By Bless is as least as bright as its designer’s smile, and armed with his vision of a future energized by love and decorated by haute couture. Bless plans to continue to infuse high voltage rocker energy into luxury fashion, and ultimately to recruit entire legions of soldiers to his ever growing BBB Army of Love.