Whether you are working on an academic paper, drafting an artist statement, writing a poem or story or using text in your visual work, the Writing Studio is the place for you. Writing Studio tutors and learning specialists are artists, writers, faculty and students who provide free, one-to-one tutoring to all students during any part of the writing process.

What we offer

In addition to help with writing, our tutors and learning specialists can:

  • Assist in the organizational and prewriting process for assignments.
  • Offer techniques for improving note taking, studying, critical reading skills and testing-preparation strategies.
  • Help students mange their time and prioritize.
  • Provide resources for improving writing skills, including grammar assistance.
  • Guide and assist with the revision process.
  • Review things like how to cite sources properly, and avoid plagiarism.
  • Help students with communication, presentation and critique skills.
  • Design workshops for classes and assist faculty in developing writing assignments and exam questions.

The Writing Studio tutors are here to help, and we are available to work with you both online and in person. This fall we will be working by appointment only.

248 Cabot Street
Room 205

Fall 2020 HOURS
Mon. – Thurs. 10am – 9pm
Fri. 10am – 4 pm
Sun. 7pm – 9pm

Colleen Michaels,
Writing Studio Director, 
, 978.921.4242 x 1279