YouMatter@Montserrat FAQs

What should I expect when I call the 24/7/365 support line?

  • You can reach the 24/7 support line by calling 833-434-1217.
  • You will be greeted by a phone prompt asking you to press #1 if this is an emergency or stay on the line if
  • You may experience a short delay in speaking to a The average wait time is generally less than 30 seconds.
  • The clinician who answers the phone can provide support in-the-moment for your situation, or help link you to appropriate therapy and referral options from a provider in our
  • ***The clinician who answers will be from the “Anthem” insurance You do not need Anthem insurance to utilize this service.

What types of things can the 24/7/365 support line help me with?

  • The 24/7 line offers immediate support, regardless of your location, to help you manage your Common reasons that students call include:
    • Feelings of anxiety, depression, or stress
    • Relationship problems or worries
    • Grief and loss
    • Help with coping skills
    • Support between therapy sessions or while waiting to see a therapist
  • The 24/7 support line is also available to connect you to no-cost therapy through a telehealth or face-to-face therapy provider for up to 5 visits per issue per The clinician will ask you some questions to get a sense of your concerns and what you are looking for (immediate support, a connection to counseling, or both).

Are there limits to the mental health services I can access through YouMatter@Montserrat?

  • You have unlimited access to the 24/7 mental health support line to speak with a clinician about your mental health
  • For both telehealth and face-to-face counseling, you will have access to 5 therapy sessions per issue, per year without any cost to
  • You have unlimited access to the personal Navigators for help with specialty referrals or other resources that will support

What are the wait times to speak with a counselor?

  • When you call the 24/7 support line, your call should be answered in less than 30 From time to time it may take slightly longer, but if your call is an emergency, please press #1 to be routed directly to a clinician.
  • If you would like a referral to a therapy provider, you will be offered 2 options for services;
  • telehealth and 2) face to face:
    • For telehealth services, appointments can be scheduled in the system while on the phone with the Appointments are generally available for same and next day services.
    • Students who prefer to meet face-to-face with a counselor will be referred to providers in the network with known appointment The appointment with the provider will be scheduled based on the provider and student availability. Students are typically offered an appointment within a week to 10 days. If you need an appointment sooner rather than later, we will work with you to find an appointment that suits your needs.

Can my preferences for a mental health provider be accommodated?

  • The clinician on the 24/7 support line will gather information about your preferences in a therapy This could include gender, cultural or ethnic preferences, specialties and insurances accepted and we will work to find you options for a provider that meets those preferences.

I heard that students get 5 sessions per problem, how are problems defined, and what are my options when I have used the 5 sessions?

  • “Problems” are defined by the specific concern you are having, e., what is going on in your life at that time that is leading you to seek mental health care.
  • “Problems” are episodic rather than diagnostic, meaning you may call about issues that are related to a specific diagnosis on more than one occasion, with different concerns treated as different problems—for example, a student who experiences anxiety about test-taking, and then later in the year experiences anxiety about finding a summer job would be presenting with two different problems (test anxiety and anxiety about employment).
  • If you need more sessions after the 5 sessions have been utilized, you can continue to work with the same clinician using insurance benefits or out-of-pocket In the rare case of needing to transfer to a different clinician due to insurance compatibility or any other reason, a Navigator can assist you with that process.

Do I have to provide any information about my insurance?

  • You will be asked for your insurance information when you set up counseling
  • We ask for this in the event that you want to continue with the provider beyond your 5 free sessions so that you can be matched with a provider who accepts your insurance
  • Students are not required to provide this information to get access to services, and if you do not have insurance, we can connect you with a Navigator to assist you should you need to access care beyond the 5

How does the appointment-scheduling work if I want to meet with a counselor?

  • You have the option to meet with a counselor capable of providing face-to-face visits, or you can access telehealth visits through LiveHealth
  • If you choose LiveHealth Online, the 24/7 support clinician on the phone can work with you to get you registered on the LiveHealth Online platform. Once registered, you will be able to search for a provider who fits your specific gender, demographic, ethnic or other The LiveHealth Online network currently offers same and next day appointment availability.
  • If you choose a provider in the face-to-face network, you will be offered referrals to 3 providers local to you with known appointment availability. Scheduling of the session with the provider will be dependent upon your and the treating providers’ A Navigator will follow up with you to ensure you have been able to find an appointment with one of the providers you were offered.
  • The clinician on the phone provides you with information about how to find and schedule a clinical appointment so that you can have maximum flexibility to choose a clinician who matches your preferences and availability. A Navigator will then follow up with you to ensure that you have been able to make an appointment, and if needed, the Navigator will assist you with getting connected with a

How do I access the teletherapy sessions?

  • You can access virtual therapy appointments via the LiveHealth Online
  • Students who wish to enroll in virtual visits through the LiveHealth Online platform will be given a coupon code and will be emailed instructions about how to access the
  • You will then be able to schedule an appointment by date and/or by
  • Once you select a date and time that works, there will be a prompt for some additional
  • You will be sent a confirmation email as well as a reminder email 15 minutes before the start time of the

What are Navigators and how can they help me?

  • Navigators can assist you in accessing longer term mental health providers, specialty providers, housing and food supports and or other services that will help support your academic
  • Navigators can help you with referrals to network or community providers based on factors including, but not limited to, location, language, and clinical
  • Navigators also support students who participate in the self-guided ICare training

What is SilverCloud and how does it work?

  • SilverCloud is an Internet-based and mobile-supported, self-guided Cognitive Behavioral training program
  • Referrals are not required to access SilverCloud!
  • SilverCloud uses initial and ongoing assessments to provide students with customized strategies to address their needs
  • Strategies cover depression, anxiety, combined depression and anxiety, sleep issues, stress, resilience, alcohol use, and more
  • Several modules are available in both Spanish and English
  • Students can choose self-guided modules or work with a SilverCloud coach who will support them throughout the process 
  • SilverCloud is not therapy or a substitute for care from a doctor or licensed mental health provider, but it can help you to learn skills to help you better manage your emotions
  • To access SilverCloud, use this link:, or contact the Elisabeth at the Montserrat Counseling Center for more information or assistance getting started

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