David Shopper

David Shopper

David Shopper has been a commercial photographer in Boston for over 3 decades.  He specializes in corporate portraiture and candid workplace imagery.  His imagery is used in corporate advertising, websites, team leadership pages, annual reports, and corporate collateral materials. David’s studio is located in Ipswich, MA, and his work is generally in the greater Boston and NYC areas.

David captures people in authentic settings shooting with natural light. His portraits capture integrity and spirit; his business slice-of-life photography shows the gears of the office smoothly turning. You can see some of David’s work on his website: www.davidshopper.com.

David has extensive knowledge in a broad range of photography. In addition to his corporate work, David has vast experience with lifestyle, fashion, and studio still-life photography. He graduated from Wesleyan University (CT) as an English major, and then New England School of Photography, where he studied advertising photography.

David has taught photography at NESOP and the Art Institute of Boston. He presently serves on the board of the Ipswich Cultural Council.

In his free time, David enjoys pottery and martial arts (he is a 4th degree black belt and teacher in Kempo karate).