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What’s Mine is Yours

1A Knowlton Gallery

April 19, 2023 - April 22, 2023

Morghan Schnoll

Reception: Wednesday, from 5-7PM

The work in my exhibition What’s Mine is Yours,  captures the essence of trauma in a series of experimental mixed media works and installations.

In paintings, assemblages, collages, and installations I am finding ways to explore the depths of the subconscious. My curiosity and desire to use symbolism in my work have led me to collect discarded, ‘ found’ material. Picking up objects with a particular history, one where natural trauma occurred. As well as playing with visual perspectives and juxtapositions as critical components in my work have allowed me to conjure haunting yet nostalgic imagery.

My artwork asks you to see something, take a step, and see a whole new scene. Staying open to my viewer’s imagination and interpretation has opened the possibilities of my pieces forever renewing themselves


Morghan Schnoll Artist Bio:

My name is Morghan Schnoll. I’m a senior attending Montserrat College of Art, majoring in Painting with a Double Minor in Art History and Curatorial Studies. Originally from New Jersey, I came to Massachusetts to achieve my goal of becoming a painter and am lucky to have been mentored by my teacher, Tim Harney, and Gallery Director, Lynne Cooney. I had the opportunity to be the assistant curator of the “Samual Bak and the Art of Remembrance” exhibition in March 2022 and became co-curator for Montserrat Bare Galleries from 2022 through 2023. I have participated in numerous exhibitions and was given the opportunity for a solo exhibition this past October titled “Painful Pleasures.” Additionally, having my work chosen to be displayed in the annual “Fresh Faces Exhibition” held by the Abigail Ogilvy Gallery.

My work expresses and reflects on my life experiences including the loss of my best friend to domestic violence during my freshman year. Using my creative abilities to my advantage has allowed me to spread awareness, and bring traumatic topics into light.