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VISIBILITY: Meghan Kausel · Erein Ruiz · Stacy Thomas-Vickory

Bare Gallery

September 14, 2020 - October 14, 2020

Gallery Hours
Open to Montserrat community or by appointment.

In collaboration with Meg Grant, Director of the Academic Access Studio, we proudly present 


Visibility:  Erein James Ruiz · Meghan Kausel · Stacy Thomas Vickory. 

Visibility calls for the acknowledgement and recognition for artists with disabilities. The artists we have chosen to represent Visibility demonstrate a strong sense of personal expression not only in their work but with their voices. Combined together, we see a group of artists using marks and imagery to help identify and express their own experiences and identities.

Visibility presents a range of clarity, with light and darkness; the darkness painted over the walls invites the viewer to look harder and become more aware and mindful of the environment and community we surround ourselves with. Visibility invites everyone to take a new perspective and welcome personal expression in the changing environment we find ourselves in. We invite anyone struggling to find support with their own practice to reach out to Meg Grant and to hear the artists of Visibility speak about their own personal experiences. 


Meghan Kausel
Alumni ‘17
Printmaking, automatic drawing, mark making

Meghan Kausel is a North shore based artist and gallery intern, working in Beverly, MA. Meghan is a graduate of Montserrat College of Art with a BFA in Fine Arts, with a concentration in Printmaking and an Art History minor. Meghan has shown in 301 Gallery, Off the Record, Schlosberg Gallery, 222 Cabot Gallery, Mingo Gallery, and Gallery Naga. Her monochromatic prints and drawings focus on the exploration of automatic movement through mark making


Erein James Ruiz
Student ‘22
Interdisciplinary, mixed media, painting

Erein James Ruiz is an interdisciplinary artist who works through multiple mediums and various motifs. The artist make sure to not only challenge themselves in creating new original work but in consideration of what they want to understand.

“Art has always been a rewarding and important aspect of my life. Pushing me to understand my own self-worth and my own aspirations as an individual. Concerning the Visibility Show and its aspirations as a show, I have a special respect for moments in life that aim to direct audiences to the awareness of those who have become less able to express and understand.”


Stacy Thomas-Vickory
Faculty and Alumni ’91
Interdisciplinary, mixed media, drawing, and collage

Stacy Thomas-Vickory is a collector of images, marks, moments and visions. The current work in collage reflects hours of aimless wandering through nature and discarded imagery. Combining varied interpretations of the natural world, they offer visual incantations whispered in dark times.

Curated by Saya Norton ’22 and Alexis Palmberg ’21.