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Shallow Waters: Views from the Bahamas.

Bare Gallery

September 5, 2023 - September 15, 2023

An Exhibition of works done over the summer Josue Bessiake

Gallery Hours
M-F, 10am–5pm
September 5–15, 2023

Closing Reception and Talk on Wednesday, 11-12pm


The works displayed show the transformation in my practice from before during and after a trip to the Bahamas. While there I reflected on the difference in light, color, and the rich history experienced there. Ranging in media and procedure the work is an amalgamation of ideas processes and discoveries in one summer. After experiencing the light and air of the Bahamas I felt my eyes become open to a range of colors that are at my disposal. Much of my work is predicated on the idea of working from life to gain a sense of empathy with my subjects, creating something there that is meaningful to me which in turn can be expressed to the viewer. This trip was sparked by an interest in abstraction and to see much deeper. I sought to understand what it was that I had yet to see that made me avert from abstraction. The discover of the late artist Sam Gilliam triggered a great fascination with the idea that something could be expressed through pure color and form. The artist Michael P. Edwards studied directly with Gilliam and happened to work in the Bahamas. Through the help of Ari Montford who also aided in funding the trip, we were able to connect and I studied with him personally getting a glimpse into the mind of Gilliam as well as learning from Edwards an established artist in his own right. Many of the works are inspired by Gilliam in some way or another, the most important thing that the works explore is the marriage of differences whether it’s a difference in articulation, color, shape, material, and most importantly light, in the hopes of creating new.