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PHOEBE WARNER: Parallel Reflections

Frame 301 Gallery

July 15, 2019 - August 25, 2019

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Parallel Reflections

We are points moving, hovering, and shifting.
Sometimes our points meet
They shiver together

(For a moment)

Most points move away so quickly
We don’t give them a second thought

But when the shiver resonates for long distances,
Turn back,


Phoebe “Crazypants” Warner is a Boston-based interdisciplinary artist. Since her graduation from Montserrat College of Art in December 2015, Warner has moved on to working as a painting mentor and assistant curator at Artists For Humanity in South Boston. When she isn’t working in the city, she spends her time hiking mountains as a way to clear her mind and give her new perspectives. In a bustling metropolis, it is hard to find moments of true quietude and self-reflection. Thus her current goal is to share the lessons, views, and insights she collects on the trails with her urban communities through immersive visual representation paired with poetic musings. “Parallel Reflections” is the first large-scale installation based on this theme.

Catch her next show “Fragility” anytime in October!
Opening October 4th at Flowering Rock Gallery
SoWA 460 C Harrison Ave 17C, Boston, MA.