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April 18, 2016 - April 22, 2016

Reception: Wednesday, April 20th, 5–8pm

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M-F, 11:30am–2:30pm
Sat, 12-5pm

Alexandra Rios has spent the last year creating ways to help people become more aware of the ongoing honey bee crisis. While exploring several areas of this crisis, she found out that there are select plants that specifically attract honey bees and pollinators alike. If humans can provide more sources of food for the bees, than this would make their jobs a lot easier. If the honey bees die off, we will soon die with them.

Angel Lukos-Algarin creates abstractions of Boston’s architecture that follow principles of 2-D design. These abstractions explore relationships of space, form and line to create pieces that are engaging visually.

James Hillmann is interested in the visualization of data in an immersive 3D space. With this idea in mind it led James down a path to concept and prototype a series of futuristic visors that would allow the user to experience web content in a 3D manor. Following this James used his graphic design and web markup skills to brand this idea as a product under the fictitious company, Quantum.

Juan Matias’ main focus is directed towards online dating and how it relates to others. Through research and first hand experience I figured out how to restructure modern online dating too make it teachable too people who struggle with adapting to the age of the Internet. I got to this idea through the realization that though I don’t completely agree with all the aspects of modern online dating, it is a crucial part of the future of relationships and shouldn’t be ignored. This lead me to write and design a formal “how to Guide” for the number 1 online dating program out right now, Tinder.

Mariah Florez’s project revolves around people and their hatred and/or fear of snakes. Most people fear these animals, not due to a bad experience, but rather due to negative connotations that they’ve carried with them as long as they can remember. These fears are so deeply embedded that they can affect not only the life of the individual, but can end up threatening the lives of the animals they hate. Her goal with her thesis show is to use the aesthetic that snakes have to prove that these creatures are not always scary and intimidating, but can be thought-provoking and beautiful. Her hope is not that every person who views her work will be converted into loving these animals, but would be content if her show made her viewers reconsider their hatred or fear of them.

Kayla Whelan explores the concepts of communication and meaning through her studies of typographic forms. By pushing the boundaries of what can be considered typography, she converts language into something purely visual and abstracted beyond recognition.

Meg Bentsen has a great admiration for the design work that goes into modular origami. Her work focuses on the idea that many simple things come together to create something complex and unique, a statement true of both origami and design.

Samantha Perry has been researching birds nests. Birds have a natural instinct inside them to build a certain nest. There is one singular purpose of these nests, which is to attract a mate and to lay their eggs. This form serves no other purpose. Birds obtain the materials that are around them to construct the form. The purpose for humans to build nests is to see how the word nest and form are interrupted. The other purpose is to see how the form is interrupted in different ways. Our nests contain no physical purpose other than to demonstrate trial and error. The form is dictated by the way we think as humans. The end result of this project is to have people think about the instinctual process versus the design process.

Cody Pelletier set out to create CD package design but with introduction to the internet people just aren’t purchasing CDs anymore. The physical form is not as appealing when one can listen to the music online. Cody however still purchasing CDs created package design that holds an experience that the internet will not. Prepare for the experience on 04.20.16