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October 22, 2019 - January 18, 2020

Gallery Hours
T–F, 11:30am–2:30pm
Sat., 12–5pm

Reception: October 24th, 5–7pm

The Narrative Project challenges participants to think about the narratives that shape their self-identity, deconstruct current political and cultural narratives, and examine the relationship between what we know and what we believe. A narrative is a living cultural artifact, created within the interstices between current ideas and history. Rather than creators, a narrative has owners, claimants and/or adherents. They may elect to change a narrative through the incorporation of new perspectives or by deliberately emphasizing or erasing certain aspects of it. Narratives are stories told to express a subjective essential truth or truths rather than to recount factual events. They may be created in opposition to other narratives and are primarily concerned with revealing what writer Patricia Hampl calls the “metaphorical truth,” not what something is, but rather what something is like.

The Narrative exhibition, is envisioned as a sculptural space in which to highlight narrative works created by alumni from Montserrat College of Art. Featured alumni: Jackie Musto, Joe Haley and Tj Dort, Eben Kling, Chelsea Sams, Julie O’Boyle, Lillian Kology, Peter Mack, Nick Criscuolo, Michael Aghahowa

The exhibition will include a central gathering space for hosting the Narrative Festival’s screenings, speakers, panel discussions and performances. Many of the festival’s events will be student-produced.