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Midnight Snack: An Installation by Real Fake Animals

Frame 301 Gallery

September 5, 2023 - October 28, 2023

Midnight Snack is a surrealist, soft-sculpture installation created by the artist collective Real Fake Animals (RFA), an interstate collaborative group of artists spanning the east coast. Fueled by the yearning of artists wanting to create, emotion is evoked in the installation through the expressive nature of puppetry and props.

On one side of the 301 Frame Gallery is an installation of  over two hundred puppet heads – compressed together in the form of a fleece blanket and created in a range of skin tones– stare out in a silent scream.  Through a tessellated pattern, the blanket realizes the repetitious physical nature of craft in real space. In the adjacent window space, an installation of an overflowing refrigerator brimming with an abundance of food and props spilled haphazardly. Among them, a figure peeks out furtively, as though caught red-handed sneaking a late-night snack. The viewers, made an unwilling participant, take the figure aback — revealing the scene’s sense of inner conflict, hinting at hidden desires and untapped creative urges.

Real Fake Animals, a cutting-edge collective of multimedia artists, possesses an eclectic range of skills and boundless creative abilities. Their shared desire to experiment thrives within a nurturing community space, fostering a culture of inspiration and camaraderie that fuels the creative spirit among peers. Real Fake Animals include:

Colman Berube

Chloe Carleton

Hannah Daigle

Max Foster

Kili Gallagher

Coco Haseltine

Will Higgins

Angie Iacurci

Kal Klaza

Kiran Marwaha

Sam Rose

Quill Rose