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In Hidden Spaces – A Senior Thesis Exhibition

Founders Gallery

April 19, 2023 - April 22, 2023

Travis Lawless

Reception: Wednesday, April 19, 5-7pm

Gallery Hours
Open to Montserrat community M-F, 10am-5pm or by appointment: [email protected]

In Hidden Spaces, a solo exhibition by Travis Lawless,  is an exploration of humanity’s urge for community and creation, together. The work lives in conversation with humanity’s fascination with wall art, and its ever evident presence in communities. Wall art has been a part of humanity farther back than our history is recorded. Lawless combines contemporary mediums such as spray paint with historic wall art imagery, creating a conversation for this everlasting artform. This can be seen in Signature 2, where vibrant neon colors and stencil work are utilized with traditional imagery – representing a collaboration of past wall works while embarking on the future as well. This concept of collaboration runs deeper than just time, as Lawless’s works also shine light to works made in collaboration with their community. For centuries, humans have collaborated in the process of artmaking upon surfaces around us, from cave paintings, murals, rock carvings to modern graffiti. Re-writing the stigma typically composed around wall art, artist Lawless hopes to bring this art form out from its tucked away spaces, brought out to the forefront for society to see and cherish.