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Montserrat Gallery

July 23, 2018 - September 20, 2018

Gallery Hours
M–Th, 12–5pm
F, 10-1pm

Reception: September 6th, 5–8pm

A joint exhibition by 

Brian Butler
Chris E. O’Neill
Sarah Gay-O’Neill

Brian Butler is drawn to the road. Quite literally as a muralist who paints in the street, and figuratively as an active traveling illustrator. His inspiration ranges from concerts to roadside curiosities.

In this exhibition Brian will be exploring the medium of virtual reality for the first time. Taking ques from off-road sites he’s personally traveled and marrying them a twist of his own imagination.

Chris E. O’Neill is a Somerville, MA based artist and illustrator. He is a compulsive draw-er, hardly ever looking up from the page in front of him. He can be found lurking in cafes and bars, sketchbook open, furiously jotting down the goings-on around him. He is a keen observer of people and their weirdness. His characters are often nervous or sweaty. He is super-awkward in real life.

Chris will be exploring what happens at the sweaty and psychedelic intersection of joy, delirium, haziness, and exhaustion that comes with triple digit temperatures in summertime.

Sarah Gay-O’Neill, wanderer, observer, communicator. Her work, both large scale and small, is often inspired by fragile figures set in natural environments such as mountains and swamps.

When nature isn’t made available to her sauntering soul, she can be found drawing in cafes and bars, translating the wild unknowns of city dwelling via textures, patterns, lonely spaces, and people.

Sarah will invite her ethereal figures into the gallery space where they will escape the heat of life.

The artists will be on campus July 16–20 installing, stop by to say hello!!

Sarah Gay-O’Neill will be doing a special workshop on:

Wednesday, July 25
4:30–6:00 p.m.