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Here There and Everywhere: An AIM Thesis Exhibition

Montserrat Gallery

May 3, 2023 - May 7, 2023

Reception: Wednesday, May 3, 5-7PM

Gwyn Kadish

James Kalajian

Gabby Morin

Dylan Silva

Kay Welch

Here, There, and Everywhere is an exhibition featuring the work of fifteen graduating artists, each with a different story to tell. These artists are not only animators, game designers, or toy-makers, but storytellers, directors, and individuals with unique talents and direction. Every project in this exhibition has had an incredible amount of passion and hard work put into it. Though we will soon continue on our separate paths, we have come together in this moment to celebrate our journey thus far. Before we embark on our separate ways, we hope you will enjoy our diverse collection of work. May our stories inspire you as much as we have inspired each other.

Gwyn Kadish: Losing my best friend was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to go through. I wanted to create meet me under the moon  as a tribute to him, and as a gift to my family. Quentin was incredibly important to us, and for me, was the only friend I ever really had. I don’t feel like I will ever be able to fully recover from his loss, but I hope this film can help remind me that he’s always watching over me, and waiting to visit me when I fall asleep. 

Gwyn Kadish is an animator and character designer, known best for dreamy and romantic themes throughout her work. Her goal is to make the viewer understand the emotions that she feels, whether it be remembering a dear friend, or falling in love. 

James Kalajian: Mutate  is a project inspired by a broad form of media from anime, comic books, and live-action movies. Mutate is a fast-paced animation moving the viewer through with different camera angles and a wide array of shots of people becoming monsters and a hero stepping into action.

 James Kalajian is an artist who lives and breathes animation. He constantly consume animated media from shows, shorts, and games, and love to talk and improve my genre knowledge with my peers. James mainly works in pre-production and post-production and enjoy working with a team and bouncing our creative energy off of each other

Gaby Morin: Sleepy Sheepy  is a short film concept starring Sheepy, a young sheep living with her Mama. Drift in and out of dreamland with Sheepy as her bedroom morphs into many fleeting dreamscapes. The project acts as a proof of concept,  comprised of four key art pieces and an animatic, with soundtrack composed by Samir Chopra. Visually and thematically influenced by children’s picture books and traditional animation of the 1980s, Sleepy Sheepy  is a charming and comfortable experience for those who can’t seem to stay asleep.

Gabby Morin is a multimedia artist & designer from southern Connecticut. She often works in sequential art forms, including animation, comics and picture book illustration. Typically involving themes of comfort and nostalgia, Gabby aims to captivate viewers with her visual storytelling. When not working on creative projects, Gabby enjoys playing video games with friends and having a good time!  gabbymorin.myportfolio.com.

Dylan Silva: Gaton is a short film about a superhero origin story that takes place on a planet identical to earth dominated by cat people. The story follows a young adult named Kicha, stuck in a loop of failure and being forced back home to her parents. As some sort of miracle or cruel twist of fate, an alien object sought after by an unknown alien threat crash lands in the forest of her hometown. This object revealed to be a high tech suit of combat armor named Beta requests Kicha’s aid in fending off the ruthless invaders but is met with some pushback. However, a hero’s origin often comes with its growing pains…

Dylan Silva is a character animator and storyboard artist based in Massachusetts, he’s always looking to try something new and gain some sort of experience or skill from things that interest him. He focuses on creating works that are similar visually and stylistically to cartoons and video games he grew up with from the late 90’s – early 2000’s. 

Kay Welch: Series One  is a collection of four original ~6” action figures packed as if they were a serialized product.  As a concept, Series One  is a testament to childhood toys and the many stories that they have helped us create, as well as a statement about the relationship between commercialization and art. Series One  aims to highlight the incredible amount of work that goes into creating a toy. More effort and creativity goes into toys than the average person realizes, requiring hours of work concepting, sculpting, modeling, and painting to produce just a single toy. 

Kay Welch is an animator, 3D modeler, and character artist. They have a passion for art and toys, inspired by the media they were exposed to as a child. They are primarily interested in exploring how one expresses themselves and experiences complex emotions through the use of a variety of processes, such as printmaking, illustration, and 3D fabrication.