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Golden Gull

Bare Gallery

March 28, 2022 - May 11, 2022

GOLDEN GULL is an interactive exhibition involving the life surrounding Chadley Chaderson and the exquisite luxuries that revolve around living a golf-centric lifestyle.
Throughout media involving movies, TV shows and news outlets, golf has been a representation of a leisurely past-time and active sport; most notably, for wealthy, older, white men.
These men have taken the empires of their wealth and have channeled their energy into mastering what goes into the perfect golf swing.
This lifestyle is one adapted by Chadley Chaderson. As the perfect poster boy for the rags-to-riches style American Dream, Chaderson followed his passion for golf, opening the Club in the 1950s. He pushed himself day after day, eventually becoming one of the richest, most respected gentlemen of the mid-century.
Today, The Golden Gull Golf Club remains one of the top family tourism destinations on the East Coast, despite many gristly rumors surrounding its past…
GOLDEN GULL features the work of Gabi CasellaZack FontaineMax FosterCoco Haseltine, and Sarah Mason.
Curated by Alexia Avila, Kal Orna and Sam Rose.
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