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Frame 301 Gallery

September 14, 2018 - November 11, 2018

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I am thinking of sunsets, quietude, and that moment when you remember home. I am remembering: holding my breath and diving deep, feeling the undulations in the sand; waking at sunrise, watching orange turn to blue; sitting in a tree far from anything, waiting for foxes and the wind. I am working toward being still, but not alone. -Gary Batzloff

Gary Batzloff is an Oklahoma-based artist whose work has delved deeply into the relationship between his practice and the history of Landscape in America. Gary’s work engages and contemporizes Landscape as a medium through the use of GPS and locating technologies and the intersection of the physical form or place and the digital world. He uses the processes and visual language of 3D modeling and fabrication to achieve a current interpretation of landscape in the modern era. This body of work and research utilizes materials that are relevant to the landscape being identified including regionally indigenous woods, metals, and finishes that respond to the industrialization of the United States, and bright colors that are reminiscent of sunsets and sunrises overseeing the growth and entropy of each unique place.

Absolute Return (detail)