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Gallery From The Living Room

December 1, 2020

Sydney Gauthier
Class of 2021

Sydney is a multimedia Illustrator from New England working to capture the world through a vibrant lens. Each illustration embodies it’s own unique conversation starter, ranging between political commentary, body image, environmentalism, emotional matters, and sometimes a toad in stilettos. Through the strong use of value, striking color pallets, and compositions that move your eye in an infinite loop around the page, they captivate the viewer. Their art will hypnotize you into hearing their message. Keeping that in mind, Sydney works to consistently keep each piece open-ended and available for the start to a long conversation. There is a physicality and life that they bring to each illustration, allowing the viewer to see the input of their hand and motion of the message. The raw life in Sydney’s work inspires them to keep researching different walks of life and makes them hunger for more knowledge of this creative Earth.


Katherine Wojcik
Class of 2021

I am a second-semester senior concentrating in Illustration. My work is very detail and color-oriented with a flare of modern day surrealism. Beyond that, I’m versed in a variety of different styles and mediums to fit different projects and expectations. Colored pencils, gouache, acrylics, and charcoal are some of the mediums I am fluent in.