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Dorothea Van Camp: Variations On A Screen

Carol Schlosberg Gallery

September 14, 2016 - October 15, 2016

Reception: October 12th, 5–7pm

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“Variations On A Screen” is a solo exhibition featuring Dorothea Van Camp from Boston, MA. The exhibition of mixed media prints depict an atmosphere in the midst of transformation. Van Camp creates entrancing and hypnotizing images that simultaneously reveal hints of recognizable objects, while also raising questions and resist definition.

Much of Van Camp’s work addresses the intersection of the body and technology. To demonstrate this overlap, the artist began incorporating vector-based computer drawings into her prints. The printed mark as always been an important presence in Van Camp’s work, but how she has adapted her process to achieve the kind of a tangible relief texture that is distinctively her own. To achieve this, Van Camp experimented with laser-cut stencils, lithographic transfers, and finally screen-printing to successfully transfer the digital renderings. Ultimately, the artist found success in using thickened oil paint printed into a wax ground,  to produces a rich relief texture. Van Camp says her unique process, “makes a clear separation from digital output while also suggestive of a deeply etched intaglio print.”

“Variations On A Screen” features a number Van Camp’s most recent prints, created during a residency at Oehme Graphics in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Untitled OG 1627 is a layered cosmic experience. Pale shades of pink, orange, and mustard are contrasted by a mesh-like organic shape, resembling a rendered drawing of wilting tulip petals or lungs exhaling a burst of air. Like other prints of Van Camp’s the work’s composition combines the sensation of biological or natural elements, with a structure or rigidity of computer generated imagery. The mesh, black shape hovers above another organic form.  This one is a deep mustard yellow laden with striations, similar to muscular tissue neighbored by a backdrop of cell-like clusters. It is a metamorphic composition that that seems to have the power to change dramatically should you look away.

Dorothea Van Camp attended Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island where she received a BFA in illustration. She has exhibited at 555 Gallery (South Boston, MA), Nicole Longnecker Gallery (Houston, TX), and 13 Forest Gallery (Arlington, MA).