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April 11, 2016 - April 15, 2016

Reception: April 13

Gallery Hours
M-F, 11:30am–2:30pm
Sat, 12–5pm

Featuring: Sentho Hunt-Sterwart (Warner, NH), Tara Kossman (Bensalem, PA), Andrew Podziewski (Hooksett, NH), Loki Michael LaChapelle (Lynn, MA), Livia Anya (Meriden, CT), Dino Rowan (Waltham, MA).

Montserrat College of Art is proud to announce Convergence: A Senior Thesis Show exhibition featuring six fine art students. Convergence is the result of several people or things coming together from different directions that eventually meet as one. Each artist works in their own medium including photography and video, print, sculpture, collage, and painting. While each artist has their own unique style, they are collaborating together to form one cohesive exhibition.

Sentho Hunt-Stewart is an abstract painter and her work deals with the subjects of war, memory and self identity. With the use of color and texture, she paints her story of her childhood past in War torn Sierra Leone, West Africa.

Tara Kossman explores the grid and composition through her collage on wood panel. She utilizes found material collections and repurposes them. These colleges are an exploration of vibration and sensation through color and shape.

Andrew Podziewski is a sculptor who uses a variety of materials to create his work. Andrew is interested in using aspects of the human body to vulnerabilities between the artist and the viewer.

Loki Michael LaChapelle works abstractly as a mix media artist and finds inspiration by looking at scientific imagery incorporating everything from the very large, down to patterns found on a microscopic level. Using this interest in science and mathematical patterns as inspiration, he later branches out and expands on them to create dynamic images that have a controlled yet energetic feel. In the coming months following Convergence, Loki and much of his current work can be found at Salem Ink Tattoo and Art Gallery. As owner, he works there as both a full time body art professional and gallery curator.
Livia Anya explores the inner structure of the human eye through various printmaking methods. Her prints are largely based on digital retinal photographs taken of her own eyes, along with other images found through various ophthalmic resources. Livia’s work is a response to her having become partially sighted due to retinal detachments caused by Stickler Syndrome. Livia explores the delicate architecture of the retina and how the impairment of vision can alter its composition.

Dino Rowan, through working with local business Good Mojo Tattoos demonstrates a living archive of documentary video and installation focusing on the concepts of growth and identity in his own community. Through artist and community member interviews, contextual footage, and sculptural installation, Dino Rowan captures and recreates the intimate yet welcoming community Good Mojo creates within itself, artists, and clients new and returning. To Dino, Good Mojo is beyond business; Good Mojo is family.