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An Amount of Something: A Design Thesis Exhibition

Montserrat Gallery

April 26, 2023 - April 29, 2023

Reception: Thursday, April 27, 5-7PM

Thea Cannon: Between Words is a project centered around the daily journals of my late great-grandfather, Calvin Young. He had a journal for every year, spanning from the 1940s to the 1990s. The work uses words from these journals to create poetry, as well as compositions in which the literal handwriting is placed on photos of mundane life. What do people choose to record, and what do we experience that is never recorded? What lies between the words of a journal?

Stacey Clavijo Spreading Kindness through Design: As someone who is kind and thinks about others first, I would like others to see the benefits of spreading awareness about the importance of kindness, as it benefits others psychologically and physically. For my senior thesis, I am focusing on the importance of kindness by creating collage experiments that visually express examples of kindness, such as sharing, receiving, listening, giving, and kindred. I have taken inspiration from Marijn in’ Veid’s Scrambled Heart to create my heart collages, where the heart shape is formed uniquely, such as being fragmented into multiple pieces, and demonstrates a transition of how these pieces rotate differently, and therefore, would look scrambled. The palms of hands, heart pieces, and backgrounds throughout these collage experiments express the spirit of kindness.

Katie DaSilva Sweet Color: My thesis is mainly based around the exploration of the Munsell Color System along with making recurring experiments with different materials that I’ve come into contact with in my daily life. From using photos of window blinds, to using the wrappers of my favorite types of candy.

Madison Gerace: It Takes A Village is an exploration into ideas of expression and self expression through my own art, as well as others’. Exploring the ideas of property values, community, and participation, proving that it takes a village to make a village. Using colorful house templates to bring those who participate into the moment. Proving you don’t have to be an artist to have fun for a couple minutes, and that you don’t always have to think of the monetary value of something while creating it… maybe it’s worth more than money. Exploring these ideas to reconsider what art is, what the world is, or what the world could be.

Work by Patrick Mardy

Patrick Mardy PSYOPTICAL: My thesis project is to investigate how type and imagery can work together. I intend to categorize each design language and try out a wide range of non-normative approaches.

Work by Josh Marsi

Josh Marsi Transmission 1: With any artist’s work, even those furthest separated from language, there’s always stories and emotion acting as their sparks of inspiration. With this, Transmission 1 looks to show the unseen and untold stories of Josh’s latest works, offering a selection of writings and childhood stories that served as inspiration for the instrumentals making up his newest EP.

Work by Sarah Mason

Sarah Mason: In Potter’s Field, Sarah seeks to create a dialogue about humans’ relationship with the environment and the impact of our actions on the world around us. Death is the inevitable end of life, but it can also serve as a catalyst for new growth and transformation. Each piece represents a moment in time, a snapshot of a living ecosystem that is directly influenced by the presence and interactions of life and death.

An Amount of Something Design Thesis