“Adding my support to the growth of the college over the years has been an extremely rewarding experience.”Judith Schmid


Contributing to the endowment is one of the most enduring and enterprising ways you can make a difference in the lives of both current and future generations of students at Montserrat College of Art. Endowment gifts support the mission of the college by providing a sustainable and predictable source of funds and strengthening the college’s long-term financial stability. Gifts to an Endowed Fund sustain our students, faculty, programs, and campus for years to come. The principal continues to grow, extending the impact of your support into the future.  


By contributing to Montserrat’s Endowment, you create a legacy or honor a loved one while supporting the people and programs at Montserrat in perpetuity. Rather than used for immediate needs, endowed funds are invested with the objective of generating a stable source of funding for the college, now and in the future. Annual income produced by these funds is directed toward a purpose agreed upon by the donor and the college.  


Endowed Funds can provide crucial support for a wide variety of purposes. Named endowment opportunities can support things like scholarships, faculty positions, and general operating needs. If you have something that you care deeply about and would like to support through the establishment of an endowed fund, we welcome a conversation with you about how best to direct your support to maximize the impact on the college.


Donors who contribute a minimum of $25,000 can create a named fund.  The fund will exist in perpetuity to provide support for the college for generations to come. A minimum gift of $25,000 is required to establish an endowed scholarship fund and can be added to over time.

If you would like to discuss a named Endowment and area of support important to you, please contact Allison Rieke by email at allison.rieke@montserrat.edu or by phone at (978) 921-4242 ext 1114


Yes, a named Endowment can be funded up to five years. Once you have an existing fund in place, you can always continue to add to the principal and help it grow over time through annual donations or by designating a Planned Gift from your estate to be added to the fund. There is no maximum level for an endowed fund, and anyone may add to the fund at any time including relatives, friends and associates who share your interests.

To discuss how you can support Montserrat’s Endowment, please contact Allison Rieke by email at allison.rieke@montserrat.edu or by phone at (978) 921-4242 ext 1114

Dodge Family Scholarship Fund

Steve Dodge

The impact of Steve Dodge among the community of Montserrat College of Art is one that cannot be overstated. Steve’s legacy was one of a tireless leader who influenced the college in countless ways through his generosity and unmatched commitment.  His primary goal was to extend the reach of Montserrat to a broader community of students through access to education. In honor of the leadership and vision Steve contributed to the college, Montserrat, along with the Dodge family, has instituted an endowed scholarship fund to celebrate his memory. 

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