“It’s wonderful to know that Montserrat continues to support its former students, and I feel fortunate to have attended such a dedicated school.”Lindsey Mason ’11

Nygel Jones, Artist, ‘15 Interdisciplinary Concentration

Montserrat’s Career Design Studio Provides Lifelong Career Support

Here’s a myth students often believe about their careers:  I’m on my own. 

The primary purpose of Montserrat’s Career Design Studio is to replace that misconception with this truth:  I have allies who will walk alongside me during every stage of my career journey.

The Career Design Studio facilitates career exploration and professional development for all students and alumni. Our staff helps students apply the same creative processes they use in their studio classes to the exhilarating and life-changing work of designing their future.

We support students during all four years at Montserrat, creating opportunities for them to articulate goals and aspirations, try out career ideas, and receive practical advice and feedback from industry professionals.  We offer individualized career coaching–particularly sophomore year–helping each student think through the big picture of what classes or concentration will best help them explore their careers of interest.  We also help students successfully find their internship junior year.

For practical employment needs, we offer workshops to help with resumes and cover letter writing, and bring in industry professionals to review portfolios.  Does a student need to work while in school or over the summer?  We help with applications to on-campus and off-campus jobs.  Our Student Employee Workplace Survival Toolkit helps students navigate professional ethics and workplace expectations.

During senior year, the Studio pairs students with mentors in their fields, in order to prepare for graduation and build their professional networks.

We also work with individuals who are hoping to launch freelance careers or start their own businesses, with specific workshops and courses designed to kickstart student business ideas prior to graduation. 

Students can apply for funding through our Professional Development grant three times a year.  We give money towards travel or housing for internships, startup costs for their businesses, conference or workshop attendance, or other professional training.

After graduation, alumni enjoy free lifelong career coaching and application material reviews, and access to digital resources like MontserratWorks, our online job and creative opportunity board.

We’re always happy to hear from students or parents with questions about career opportunities and next steps.  Email us: career@montserrat.edu.