Montserrat Students Get Newsworthy in Niigata

May 30, 2023

Montserrat students are in their second week of study abroad in Niigata, Japan. For the first time in four years, Montserrat students are visiting the college’s partner school, Niigata College of Art & Design. The students of both schools now find themselves featured in a news story by Japanese public broadcaster, NHK.

The NHK story covered the students from both colleges as they worked in groups to illustrate a wall-sized collection of animated characters. After completing the illustration and assembling all of the papers on the wall, the students all took photos together in front of it. You can see the article here, though English speakers should note that it is in Japanese.

Montserrat’s program in Niigata, Japan is a four-week intensive including demonstrations and workshops in traditional Japanese art forms, and extensive travel to traditional and popular cultural sites. The program is based at Niigata College of Art & Design, on the northwest coast of Japan’s Niigata prefecture. The trip includes visits to historically significant Japanese temples and gardens, as well as to museums dedicated to contemporary Japanese art, Manga, and Anime. You can learn more about Montserrat’s Japan program here.