Meagan Grant’s Poetry On Display at Matz Gallery

April 8, 2021

Meagan Grant, Director of the Academic Access Studio, has new work on display at the Matz Gallery in Gloucester Massachusetts!

As part of Poetry month, the Matz Gallery is hosting Through the Looking Glass, a mixed medium brain child of North Shore mother writers Kristin Proctor, Lyn Towne-Smith, Nancy Carolyn Kwant, and of course Montserrat’s own Meg Grant. Together they form a group called the “Writing Mothers’ Workshop.”

The exhibit is based upon “found poetry,” a type of poetry created by taking words, phrases, and sometimes whole passages from other sources, then reframing them in a sort of literary collage. The process involves making changes to spacing and lines or adding and deleting text to impart a new meaning. For Through the Looking Glass, the group is displaying their poetry on windows taken from the rectory of the former Sacred Heart Church and along the roadsides of Gloucester. Grant’s two pieces, “Woman” and “Girl,” are both pictured.

Former projects by the Writing Mothers’ Workshop include Love and the Fall-Out at Eastern Point Lit House, Parts: A Maternal Dichotomy, at the former Flatrocks Gallery, and Maternal Garments: What Mothers Wear at the Lanesville Community Center.

The Matz Gallery is located in Gloucester’s Sawyer Free Library and is dedicated to artist and library-supporter Adolph I. Matz.

Anyone wishing to swing by and see Through the Looking Glass should head for 2 Dale Avenue in Gloucester. As library hours sometimes to vary from day to day, it is recommended that you check the website ahead of your visit.