President Kurt Returns from Second Trip to India

November 29, 2022

President Kurt just returned from his second trip to India. He spent five days traveling throughout the country, meeting with high schools catering specifically to young and aspiring artists. There, he spoke to juniors and seniors about art colleges generally and Montserrat in particular. As the college brings more International students to campus, we are proud to partner with many schools in India to share new cultures and the diversity of art with our Montserrat community. Included here is a photo of President Kurt meeting with students in Jaipur.

“My trip to India was inspiring and educational,” said President Steinberg. “Learning more about the culture, diversity of artistic styles, methods and making, and meeting the teachers and students in these high schools, was a wonderful experience. My hope is to broaden our community’s understanding of the world by bringing these international students to join us in the years ahead.”