Judy Brown Opens New Show at Kingston Gallery

March 31, 2022

Montserrat professor Judith Brassard Brown has a new exhibition in the Project Space of Kingston Gallery. The show, entitled Around the Bend, features new work from Brown, who also teaches in the Foundation and Painting departments of Montserrat.


Per Kingston Gallery: “Around the Bend is a colloquial phrase that indicates someone has become unhinged from conventional reality, lost their moorings due to eccentricity or psychosis. Judith Brassard Brown painted these landscapes, drawn from imagination and experience, to address our anxieties in response to recent events in the world. The crisis we are facing could be sending humanity around the bend. The work serves as Brown’s response to how to live with the fear of what can’t be seen from our current vantage point, but could be just around the bend.”


A reception for Around the Bend will be held Friday, April 1st from 5 – 8 PM at 450 Harrison Ave, No. 43, Boston.


Brown’s work has additionally been featured in solo and group exhibitions at the Danforth Museum (Framingham, MA) the Art Complex Museum (Duxbury, MA), Soho20 (NYC), Cerulean Gallery (Philadelphia, PA), HallSpace in Boston, MA, and venues in Rome, Viterbo and Trieste, Italy. Artist books are increasingly paired with her studio work. 

Her work has been reviewed and featured in articles in The Boston Globe, Boston Magazine, Art New England, ArtScope, Cape Cod Voice, Delicious Line, Boston Traveler, Il Messagero Viterbo and Trieste’s Il Piccolo. Brassard Brown’s work is included in corporate and private collections in the United States and abroad.