Internship Highlight – Rebekah Sommer at True Vine Farm

December 21, 2022

Montserrat photography student Rebekah Sommer (’23) has just completed her year-long paid photography internship with True Vine Farm in Hamilton, MA.

Sommer was tasked with documenting the farm’s flora and fauna over the course of one year in order to observe how it changes through the seasons. She also completed some portraiture work and as well as taking photos of curious wildlife who came to investigate the farmland. She is in the process of creating a photo book for the farm with all of the work she documented.

True Vine is primarily known for its alpacas which are featured on the farm’s logo, however they have a diverse population of various farm animals. The grounds include sheep, goats, ducks, chickens, and bees, along with a collection of different flowers and vegetables.

Sommer’s art isn’t strictly limited to photography. She used her design skills to win 2021’s “Monster Rat” Competition. The contest, which picked the design college’s now-official “Monster Rat” mascot, was decided by a community-wide vote. Sommer’s winning design was inspired by albino lab rats and is now reflected in the mascot costume seen at college events.