June 8, 2022

Artwork by Montserrat’s own Masako Kamiya will be exhibited alongside two other members of the Montserrat community in an upcoming show at Boston University Art Galleries.

The show, “Field Visions” includes work by Kamiya as well as Montserrat alum Anthony Palocci Jr. (’09), former instructor Sam Riebe and a number of other artists. It was curated by former Montserrat painting faculty Matt Murphy. In his statement on the show, Murphy says:

“Field Visions explores the possibilities of landscape – specifically, how abstraction, metaphor, and materiality are leveraged to open up these possibilities, and in doing so, render nature into an abstraction that becomes landscape. While each artist propels their unique poetic visions through an established genre, they also push material and the fiction outward, tree-like, proving that the field of landscape painting is not only pliable but expansive, and imagination is constantly unfolding and inventing new spaces.

“In these landscapes, conflict plays out with nature. In one work, harvests are gathered against the rigorous and indifferent seasonal change; in another, the regularity of the tides marks the force of seasonal change itself. For other artists, the conflict lies within. Whether rummaging through memory or struggling to make the emotive sensate, these artists search for something inherently non-visual, layering mark over mark and color over color in an attempt to find it. For others still, conflict lies in the unseen. The fear of the unseen brings more fear – who is lurking just over the horizon? What are their intentions? Is there a future in this landscape? Will nature be benevolent? Will we be benevolent?”

Field Visions opens on June 14th and runs until September 14th. The opening reception will be held on June 18th from 6 – 8pm.