Alumni Weekend 2023: Fun, Connections and Art

August 17, 2023

Montserrat welcomed more than 100 alumni to campus during  Alumni Weekend Aug. 4-6, offering time and space for connections and reconnections, workshops, art making, and a healthy serving of fun. Events included cocktail receptions, art and career workshops, and a catered dinner in Montserrat’s Underground.

Interim President Brian Pellinen, said, “We were so happy to see so many of our alums and have a chance to reminisce and also talk about their career paths, offer life-long support through Montserrat’s Career Design Studio and let them know they matter to our community. We are hoping to get back on track and will plan the next reunion for 2025 and then another every five years, but any alumni who wish to pay a visit to campus for a tour or reconnection will be welcomed!”

Browse the gallery below for images of the weekend! More photos will be added as they come in. All event photographs done by alumni photographer Lanie Shine (’23).