June 2, 2022

Montserrat alum Mike Grimaldi (‘05) was recently profiled in Commonwealth magazine alongside fellow street-muralist Percy Fortini-Wright.

They appeared together on the Codcast, a weekly podcast produced by Commonwealth Magazine.  On their episode, the duo discussed their craft, the paths that lead them to it, and the unique power of public art to transform a community:

“Grimaldi said living in Salem, where the El Punto Urban Art Museum has filled The Point neighborhood with murals, and near Lynn, where Beyond Walls has commissioned dozens of murals, he has seen the transformative impact of art. ‘The public art here is just unbelievable,’ Grimaldi said. ‘They’ve got work from some of the most renowned street artists around in the world. So it definitely transforms the area. And I feel like it definitely makes you stop to really appreciate it.’

“’I get excited, and the community seems to get excited, each time a new artist is brought into the city to put up new work. It always gets people talking, which I think is always for the best,’ Grimaldi said.”

You can find the whole article at, or listen to the whole Codcast episode here.

More of Mike Grimaldi’s amazing work can be seen on his Instagram, @grimdrops. Another great example, his recent collaboration with fellow alum Brett Mason, “As Above, So Below” at Montserrat’s Founder’s Gallery.