Statement of Financial Responsibility

Statement of Financial Responsibility (SFR) is required by federal debt collection and consumer protection laws for colleges, universities, and other institutions to be transparent with their billing, payment policies/procedures, and collection requirements.

Montserrat College of Art (“Montserrat” or “the College”) must also ensure that students (consumers) are aware of their policies and responsibilities.
For this reason, Montserrat requires that students accept the Statement of Financial Responsibility (SFR), which acknowledges their financial obligations and understanding of the College’s related policies.

The SFR informs students of their financial responsibilities associated with enrolling for classes, living in on-campus housing, and other fees. It also explains the potential consequences if a student fails to meet those financial obligations. The College’s goal is to help students understand the cost of their education and the financial policies associated with their enrollment at Montserrat College of Art.

For frequently asked questions about the SFR, click here