Learning Outcomes

Consistent with Montserrat’s Mission, the following learning outcomes have been established for all Montserrat graduates:

Learning Outcomes/Educational Goals for all Montserrat Graduates

  1. Breadth of educational experience: Graduates develop proficiency with visual language through experience in a broad range of artistic disciplines and approaches in the foundation and upper level curricula.
  2. Depth of educational experience: Graduates achieve a high level of proficiency in their chosen concentration, including formal principles, technical proficiency, the use of artists’ materials, technology, craft, and safe studio practices. Graduates also achieve conceptual proficiency, demonstrating a personal aesthetic and/or content in their work.
  3. Graduates produce a coherent body of work for evaluation that is suitable for exhibition or for professional portfolio. Graduates are able to work independently.
  4. Graduates are able to analyze works of art and design perceptively and evaluate them critically. They understand the interaction of elements of a work of art, and employ this knowledge in analysis. They demonstrate confidence and experience with the discourse of the visual arts, and are able to synthesize their capabilities in studio, analysis, and history.
  5. Graduates have the ability to recognize and adapt to professional opportunities and pursue graduate studies or careers in the fields of visual art and design.
  6. Graduates are able to position themselves in a professional community and in the world. They have an objective view of an artist’s role in society. They are prepared to assume their places as informed, responsible, contributing citizens in society.
  7. Graduates demonstrate knowledge of key concepts and methodologies relating to the humanities, the social sciences and the natural sciences. They have a basic familiarity with critical analysis and with logical and quantitative reasoning.
  8. Graduates can express ideas with clarity and precision in written and oral communication.
  9. Graduates demonstrate understanding of the ethical and aesthetic dimensions of human experience that are relevant to the role of a contemporary artist or designer in society. They demonstrate knowledge and understanding of important social, cultural, historical and scientific phenomena.
  10. Graduates can identify major characteristics, practitioners, and movements in contemporary and historical art and design, and have an understanding of relevant cultural contexts in this area. Graduates can identify and define cultural and artistic practices from cultures and traditions different from their own.
  11. Graduates understand the capabilities of various technologies as they relate to creative work, analysis, and research in art and design. They are familiar with technological opportunities applicable to their areas of specialization. They can access and use relevant technologies and are prepared to learn new technologies related to art and design.
  12. Graduates develop an active learning attitude. They acquire an ongoing relationship to learning and art-making that is self-sustaining.

In addition to these learning goals, the following characteristics are desirable for Montserrat graduates. These are fostered throughout the four-year program.

  1. Graduates develop confidence, creativity, curiosity, and the ability to take risks in their work. They develop entrepreneurial skills, leadership qualities and a sense of empowerment.
  2. Graduates are aware of ethical practices; they are tolerant and open-minded.