*Due to the global pandemic, Nigatta and Viterbo have been canceled for summer 2021.  A decision will be made on Mallorca, Spain later in fall of 2021.

Here are descriptions of previous years programs:

Intensive Art Travel Programs
Montserrat College of Art offers students and art enthusiasts a range of exciting and engaging immersive programs.

During winter break or over the summer months, our programs take you off the beaten path to unique and culturally rich locations that provide experiences far beyond standard fare. Our classes are small by design, ensuring participants an intimate and engaging travel/study experience.

Montserrat is a nationally and regionally accredited institution of higher education. Check with your home institution’s registrar to see if these programs qualify for transfer credits. All courses are taught in English. Explore all of our intensive art travel programs by using the tabs at left.

Montserrat College of Art-Photography in Mallorca-002


Semester Mobility Program — US & Canada
Montserrat participates in the Association of Independent Colleges of Art & Design (A.I.C.A.D.) Mobility Program. This affords full-time students the opportunity to study at over 30 partnering art schools in the U.S. and Canada, and is a terrific option for students seeking a semester-long study experience. We also welcome visiting mobility students to Montserrat.

Payments and Refund Policy

Study Abroad Program FAQs

Q. Are the travel programs available to students from other colleges and universities?
A. Yes! Montserrat’s travel programs are available to students from outside institutions as well as the general public. For those not currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s program, please keep in mind that these are college-level courses that entail rigorous studio and/or research/writing time.

Q. Are classes conducted in English?
A. Yes! Course instruction will take place in English, however, we encourage you to take some lessons in the language of the country where you will be studying. Montserrat students are eligible for free language instruction through Pronunciator and everyone will be sure to learn some of the local languages on the trip.

Q. Do I have to take classes for credit?
A. You have the option of taking classes for credit or auditing, however, the tuition is the same for both options.

Q. Once the program is complete, how do I get my transcripts?
A. You can request a transcript through Montserrat’s Registrar. There is a $4 fee for official transcripts.

Q. Can I pay my tuition online?
A. Yes! You can pay tuition installments online via PayPal. Please visit Montserrat’s Travel Programs webpage and click on the program you are attending. Scroll the bottom of the page and click on the tuition installment you want to pay. Please note that the online portal is only for standard tuition payments. If you have received scholarship funding or have a tuition credit, you will need to pay by check or call Montserrat’s Bursar at 978.921.4242 x1172 to make a credit card payment over the phone. You may also pay by check.

Q. What happens if I need to make my own flight arrangements instead of joining the group flight?
A. Depending on the specific trip, this may or may not be possible. When it is an option, students may be able to take a limited reduction in fees owed to Montserrat but will have to pay for the non-group transportation costs on their own.

Q. Is scholarship funding available?
A. Some scholarship funding may be available for current Montserrat students pursuing their B.F.A. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please check the appropriate box on the first page of the program application. Scholarship funding is based on a student’s G.P.A., financial need, and year of study.

Q. Where will I be living?
A. Each program has a different housing arrangement. Please check your program’s website for specific housing information. Please note that housing is included in your tuition for all programs.

Q: Is financial aid available for Study Abroad programs?
A: Students who are matriculated at Montserrat College of Art who participate in an approved for credit Study Abroad program through Montserrat may be eligible for financial aid. Montserrat College of Art will be considered your home institution. You will need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine if you are eligible for financial aid for the Study Aboard program.